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Orthomolecular Medicine


Orthomolecular medicine is the treatment using the right ("ortho") building blocks ("molecules") which our body needs. These include mainly Vitamins – nitrogen containing substances necessary for life, which the body cannot produce or produce in sufficient amounts, trace elements and mineral substances – single elements, which the body needs for life, some of them "essential", which means without which no life is possible.


The trace elements have been known since antique times, the vitamins known in medicine since more than 100 years. The molecular biologist and double Nobelprize winner Linus Pauling first coined the concept of Orthomolecular treatment in 1968 and described it in the famous scientific journal "Science" as prevention and treatment by supplying an optimal amount of building blocks which is natural to the body.


In our practice we do a blood analysis of the most important orthomolecular substances and work out a complete profile of vitamins and trace elements. Based on this, we could advise you about the optimal supply with these substances through nutrition, extra oral intake as supplements or through fast refill with infusions of orthomolecular products, in case you storage has become depleted.


Moreover, certain vitamins and trace elements play an important role in the natural and holistic treatment of many diseases. Examples are the antioxidant agents vitamins A,C, E and Selenium, the nerve vitamins of the vitamin B group, Zinc for skin diseases or a special combination of these for inflammatory diseases and cancer. The treatment with high dose vitamin C has a special place in natural medicine. A great number of acute and chronic illnesses can be treated with quick and good success. We would gladly advise you in our consultation hours.