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Biological Tumour Therapy


Malignant tumours or cancer are meanwhile the second most frequent cause of death in the western world after heart and circulatory diseases. Tumour patients come to us mostly with the question about biological cancer treatment, the adjuvant natural tumour therapy, or the complementary medical cancer therapy. We work together with colleagues of other practices, of academic teaching hospitals in Augsburg and Munich, as well as numerous hospitals of complementary natural medicine and the Society for Biological Cancer Defence, in order to attain the best possible treatment in this extremely difficult and demanding field.


The cause of tumours is after all not exactly known. According to our present medical knowledge and from a holistic point of view – many possible adverse influences on the human body lead to the immune system losing control over the tumour cells which arise in every one of us at any time of our lives. The body as a whole must be supported, especially  all its functions which contribute  towards an optimally working immune defence system.


The human spirit is decisive, whether one is active in fighting against the tumour - “I WANT to live!” - or gives up and succumbs to the illness.  Psycho-Neuro-Immunology has acquired cutting edge knowledge which can  be applied in daily clinical work of the practice.

A balanced nutrition is of fundamental importance. Favourable is a mainly vegetarian, high fibre diet, with little to no sugar and with natural products as much as possible free from external contamination such as insecticides or preservatives.

Vitamins and trace elements: The consumption of Vitamins A, C, D, E and the trace elements Zinc and Selenium are increased  during an active defense process and should be replenished.

Microbiological therapy or bowel cleansing is essential as 70 to 80% of the immune system is triggered through the guts. We treat this extensively with immune bacteria and protective bacteria as well as an “Autovaccine” - the body's own vaccination material.

Ozone active oxygen therapy is our strongest partner in increasing the ability of the body cells to dispose of radicals. Latest scientific studies confirm more and more that radicals play a decisive role in the formation of cancer. Cancer cells can be captured by our “radical catchers”, the cell scavengers, if these are active enough.  

Mistletoe Therapy using whole plant extract is an old biological cancer treatment. Mistletoe has on the one hand a mild cytotoxic effect on the fast growing tumour cells and on the other a stimulating effect on the immune system. 

Enzymes also have a mild cytotoxic effect, above all through the enzymatic dissolving of the “masking husk” of the cancer cells. Their strong anti-inflammatory effect is important. They can dispose of the rubbish in the cells arising from the fight against the tumour. ….....???

Thymus and spleen peptide therapy strengthen these two organs. Thymus is the sport field and training ground for the immune cells. The spleen is our biggest lymphatic organ, the fitness centre of the cells for defence.


In addition we refer patients with our local support to expert centres for thermotherapy with hyperthermia, dendritic rell therapie and treatments with combinations of hypoglycaemia plus Ozone plus orthomolecular infusions plus mild chemotherpy.


Certainly there are still more possibilities of biological cancer therapies which have their justification, e.g. the healing fungi. We decide on the most important treatments and work out an individual plan with the tumour patient in co-operation with the other doctors involved in his treatment. 


The upper most aims of biological tumour treatment are the strengthening of the body's own immune defence system and the up-keeping of the highest possible quality of life. Cancer is always a disease of the whole human person and offers a chance to healing sometimes at another level.