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Nutrition Therapy


„Your nutrition should be your medicine.“


                                                                  Hippokrates (around 460 – 370 B.C.)


A balanced nutrition is the basis of our lives and our health. Vice versa, the “wrong nutrition” can be among the causes of many diseases. Nutrition therapy applies the different principles and practical forms of nutrition to the clinical problem in order to find healing of the illness and to restore the healthy state again.


Nutrition is therapy – especially obvious is this concerning Diabtes and Overweight (adipositas).  Moreover, this is also important regarding many other diseases, e.g. gout. Not only do calories count, glycaemic index and cholesterol content are important parameters. What we take in as nutritional substances also influence the acids-base balance of the body. Many metabolic diseases have excess acidity as a fundamental problem. In our consultation we make patients aware of the importance of nutrition as part of their treatment. We hold lectures and information evenings with discussions on special forms of nutrition such as biological full value, vegetarian, separation of protein and carbohydrates, Diet according to F.X. Mayer and fasting. Depending on request we sometimes conduct a fasting course under medical supervision for a week in the spring.


The  theories of nutrition from the points of view of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are discussed on the page “Nutrition” under “Chinese Medicine”.