Dr. Michel Schreiber Dr. Helen Schreiber
Specialists in holistic medicine
Family doctors for parents & children

Dr. med. Helen Wai-Ngan Schreiber


Specialist in Paediatrics

Natural Medicine

Classical Homoeopathy

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)



Strong points of interest


Paediatrics, Treatment of Women’s health problems and chronic illness with homoeopathic constitutional therapy, bio-identical hormones, Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine.


Curriculum vitae


Study of Medicine, University of Hong Kong.

Registration in Britain, Germany.

M.D. Degree, University of Saarland, Germany.

Specialist training in Paediatrics in Britain, Germany.

Further education in Natural Medicine, classical Homoeopathy, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Bioidentical Hormontherapy.


1992 – Opening of paediatric practice in Aystetten, Practice of Natural Medicine with Dr. Michael Schreiber.

Since July 2009Private Practice.

Since March 2010Practice for Holistic Family Medicine.




“Path with a Heart”, a book for women and families (2001, in German/English and Chinese/English  editions).

6 Lecture CDs in 3 Volumes (2006) about treatment of children with natural medicine:

              1) ENT Problems of children, Allergies in childhood.

2) Dynamic concepts for treatment of infections, The nutrition of healthy and ill children

3) The role of the mother, Portraits of 4 Chinese women

Lecture DVD (2005): “E=mc2, Equivalence of Energy and Mass




Born and grew up in Hong Kong, China. Her grandfather was TCM doctor and pharmacist. Knowledge of Chinese medicine and dietary principles from daily practice in the family. After secondary school, B.A. degree (Major in Phyics) at Wellesley College, M. Sc. (Biology) from M.I.T.

Married, 3 grown up children.

Hobbies: music (piano), writing, photography.